Insights that Inspire Hope

The list of articles below are interesting, challenging and inspiring for the reader. They provide excellent starting points for discussion and point to further resources.

The articles belong to an ever growing tract series written by Roland Clarke

  1. A Dialog about the One True God
  2. Signposts to Paradise
  3. Peace and Hospitality
  4. Homeward Bound
  5. Eid ul Adha: The Christmas Connection
  6. Heartfelt Fasting and Repentance
  7. The Mystery of Abraham's Sacrifice

Printing instructions

For two page documents it is very simple: Print the two pages back to front. Then cut in half.

Instructions for multiple page booklets are a little more complicated (e.g. 'Heartfelt Fasting & Repentance')

Step 1) Print pg1 and then pg2.

Step 2) Print pg3 on the back of pg1.

Step 3) Print pg4 on the back of pg2.

Step 4) Put both sheets together so that print is in the same direction.

Step 5) Cut in half - half way across the mid section (u don't want 2 long strips).

Step 6) Collate the sheets in proper sequence and fold.

Step 7) Staple and then trim if necessary.

Those printing on 8 1/2" x 11" (letter size) paper need to set their Acrobat Reader to "print to fit" on the print dialog.

Contact the Author

You can contact the author known as Roland Clarke through the following email address

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